Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kikuyu's kills while smiling to you

Why is it Kikuyu's kills and leave no trace?
This are facts of our fellow Kenyans Kikuyu's you can judge me or correct me if you thing am wrong.

 I have witnesed many murder by Kikuyu's.
1;Murder commited by Father,Mother,Sister or brother simply because of wealthy,money or property.

2;Murder commited to husband or wife by wife mostly.

3;Murder commited to a close friend,co-worker boss.

4;Murder commited to a foreigner if he own wealthy in where kikuyu's are majority.
The list is big but let us discus why is this.

    The problem is a Kikuyu's don't show any signs of ill feeling even if he/she is planing to kill you next hour you will never see anything that will make you think of the danger.
      Can anyone tell me why is it so,

A Kikuyu kid can be raised in uk,us or far from her parent but still kill for money.Why is this?

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