Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happiness of Good deeds

Good deeds bring happyness to persons even in their graves.We do have many example in the past

we all must each day remember our good people in order to avoid be tempted by the devil for

most of wicked enjoy life for their paradise is in this world.

take pleasure in obeying GOD COMMAND's

In Kenya you will find that post are given to cover evil even with on going leader vetting the one who

are not "ONE OF THEIR EVIL NETWORK" are not given the post and no one speaks for the very

evil are in POWER.

I know them by their name one by one.

But I ask my fellow Kenyans to vote not in line of our tribe as Kikuyu's vote let vote for a good

person who feel our daily major problems.

Kenya we are not poor we need a good leader only

and never vote for a Kikuyu or his/her associates please this people are wicked


We all know that BAD things had passed

One commented in one of my post saying not all Kikuyu's are evil.I don't agree with him/her for I

know Kikuyu's in out(like back of my hand).

I do have a live example in Rwanda massacre was due to misunderstanting between Utu and Tusi and

we do understant them well now that had ended and will never happened again same in Germany it will

never happened again.

Agikuyu's or Kikuyu's case is different for it is in their gene they are WICKED and not only that they

are evil but you can't discover till the last day when he/she sure that you can't come out of that place

I am talking facts not people to end their relations with them but have "PRECAUTIN" in any deal or


Wake those in graves and will have sad story to tell the world.

In case you have a dear friend anywhere in the world tell her/him to be careful with one of Kikuyu's


EUROPE Be careful with a Kikuyu's
they are canning,clever,educated,money minded,thiefs,corrupt,cruel,brutal all this you will never discover
Is much more better to have a MANIAC THAN A PRETENDER

Monday, 4 June 2012

Kikuyu's people with no regard to others

This are facts not that I hate Kikuyu's no this is what they do not only to their fellow kenyans but

Wherever they go they make sure they gain control to everything they join.

if you employ one he will make sure tha he own that business by all means that the reason they

feel not comfortable having not one of theirs in all top job

employ a Kikuyu in your business he will end up buying it or sending someone to buy for him

this is fact

83% Men/wife Kikuyu end "MYSTERIOUS DEATH"

Many couple who are married to kikuyu's end having a mystery death.I have witnesed many such sad

end,and no evidence will be found I call them clean killer who are very good in flatter and she/he will

moun you deeply that people will hardly gues if she/he is the one who murderd the husband/wife

Sunday, 3 June 2012


99% OF KENYA NGO's are owned by corrupt people,I feel bad when I see international community

fooled by Kenya greedness of becoming rich quick this are facts and i do have long list

with their corruptions

Alexander Kimyua U.S Murder

I am very happy with united state of America police for making this killer confess that he killed

a Ghanaian Mr Kujor Bensato Ayyei-Kodie may 25 2012 (my condolence to his family)R.I.P

If it was in Kenya Kinyua could have been free no evidence BROVO U.S POLICE YOU ARE NOT


Kikuyu's kill without evidence but in America the evidence thank you.

I understat that  he has beaten a different with a baseball bat fracturing the eye this people are in

human not one or two

Killings has been hapening all over the world caused by different things but Kikuyu's case is

different it's in their gene(blood) and the worst they best in talking and they are well educated not that

because we other tribe don't want to be educated but they have been taking advantage

Friday, 1 June 2012

Getting Ready to move our KENYA

I realise that only one person is capable of moving us in right direction that is if we give him support

and vote for him in a big victory he has shown he can serve us well and honestly that is if 41 tribe give

him their approval

And if it is the will of the LORD OUR GOD 

Let us be frank Kenyans

We can only win this battle if we unity and tell the trueth without hidding it Our fellow Kikuyu's are

our enemy number one and they are the ones who are holding everything even our the foreign envoy

this are facts

a kikuyu cannot connect you to any deal he will look for

1;His brother(if can't find one)

2;His cousin(if hecan't find)

3;His tribe,friend and finaly you

Is this right?Am asking my fellow Kenyans ontop they steal 99.9% of them are thiefs whom you can't catch

Threat will not stop me

No one have right to Kill many will you kill ?am asking ?how many?Kikuyu's answer me.

Since 1964 till now you are busy killing other tribes who stand for the right of others we all saw

what you have been doing to Kisumu the worst 2007

and you Kikuyu's all see nothing wrong with that luo are  also human and their blood is of human

Kenya media mislead people

Those corrupt  people do own the media and are fighting for their evil leaders to remain in power

Kenyans let refuse this and stand for facts and trueth

Kikuyu's will never support us not unless their own deny them stealing it's in their blood

and we can do nothing to change this

please Kenyan this coming election let check each one history excluding Kkiyu's no mater what

he promise for they are gifted in talking and fooling other tribes in kenya

We are born with nothing & will die with nothing

Kenyan let wake up and be frank to each other,those who are co-operating with Kikuyu's and greedy

among us will die with nothing no one can have life for thousand years you will die I will die and

they will die all of us will one day be dead

Am Sad

I can help looking sad when  I see one tribe fooling 42 kenya tribes and deny them a chance of having

change a chage we have been waiting for years

this tribe is not other than Kikuyu's

yes they are powerful,wealthy,educated and well placed in high authority post in Kenya

not only Kenya now all over the world

go to Kenyans embassy all over the world and see their hidden evil

not only embassy every place they get they do fool that area society while in their majority area

they can't accept any other person why give them this freedom international community?

Kikuyu's are evil in nature and you can't know not unless you escape death the way I did over twenty

years ago