Monday, 16 July 2012

Pio Gama Pinto a kenyan of Goan origin(mkenya mwenye asili ya kihindi)An assassin's bullet in of his daughter 2 february 1965,his death followed by that of Tom Mboya simply because of organising for further education for poor family who would later takeover from the rich colonial servants chilldren a thing that President Kenyatta and his associates did not like,he wanted the gap between richand poor remain as it is todate that the reason you will find high profile Kenya politicians choose from their close friends and give Scholarship out of the country my fellow Kenyans let have real change in 2013.

This man was murderd by Jomo Kenyatta agent then,

His death start the intense rivalry between Kikuyus and Luos,President Kenyatta start jailing dissidents and among them is Kenya first Vice President Oginga Odinga.

Tom Mboya life was cut short by Kenyatta

Then J.M Kariuki killed

Pinto,Kariuki and Mboya wanted to liberate us Kenyans from poverty but Our first President cut their life

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