Tuesday, 3 July 2012


GOD HATES:1;One who kill innocent life.And we have been busy killing each other since 1964.

(a)J . M Kariuki killed by Jomo Kenyatta for he was the president of Kenya that time,J.M Kariuki was killed  simply because of helping poor.
Then as it is now Uhuru pretending to be with poor"My people and we have known through ICC....."

(b)Tom Mboya I don't know why he was forced to sleep(die)

(c)Robert Ouko and many others

2;A Proud look

1;Obey HIM in everything

2;Do what is right



5;Not to SLANDER OTHERS (You may ask why do i slander kikuyu's?mine is not slander am exposing their evil ways of lifelywood)fr more ask me)

6;Not to wrong others

7;Not to spread rumours about our neighbours

8;Do what we promise no matter how much it may cost us

9;Loan without intrest

10;Cannot be bribed

11;Don't kill innocent life

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