Friday, 25 May 2012

Never trust a Kikuyu

I understant that we have been ruled by Agikuyu or Kikuyu in Kenya since 1963 but never trust them

even fo a second.

they are well educated and talk very sweet but never trust them never ever

they are now all over the world in UN ,US and Europe but never trust them for their evil are know by

the ones who they have killed you stand  no chance to breath if you know what they are about to

do to you,so the world  know one origin before you trust him/her if you are dealing with kenyans

I do have a list of murder without evidence they talk nicely but they are not what you thing they are

this is a fact

you can google but you wil not find the truth about them for no one write his/her evil they are in all places,American university as Pro,Dr,Europe all over name it you will find them holding big post

this is a fact

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